In Loving Memory of

Adam Ghoz

 Adam Ghoz: brother, son, nephew and friend.

With the sincerest of smiles adorning his face at all times, he wore his heart on his sleeve and was beloved by all. He was respectful, genuine in his love for his family and honoured them at every step. He was sincere, unrivalled in his capacity to inspire those around him. Bound by a limitless imagination and an infectious enthusiasm, he was an untapped well of ambition and potential. His unrelenting enthusiasm made him a role model for all. From designing and building creative tools to trying to prove that aliens exist, Adam was the epitome of purity and innocence.

In loving memory of Adam Ghoz

"You'd never see him without a smile on his face."

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“His greatest trait was his loyalty and dedication.”

He greatly admired both of his siblings and held them in high regard, treating them with the same level of respect as his parents. He was never rebellious in nature, simply desiring to make his mother and father proud – a desire directly reflected in his actions. He would play on his PlayStation with friends, but never failed to do the dishes for his mother. He dreamt of studying veterinary science and specialising in exotic animals as he had a keen interest in animals and conservation throughout his life. Above all, he was especially devoted to uplifting those around him.

“He wanted his friends and family to succeed, putting his loved ones before himself in every situation.”

Despite his tender age, his enormous heart and maturity made him who most turned to when facing challenges. To Adam, nothing could supersede his family and friends – everyone was touched by his delicate soul. At the core of his ambitions was a yearning to propel his loved ones to exceed expectations and realise their potential, he always prioritised helping those around him. Throughout his life, Adam was always devoted to make sure that he would never disappoint his loved ones, and to sharing his endless love with those he cherished.

A tragedy in our wake. You will be remembered.

Inalillahi wainna illayhi rajiun

What happened to Adam could not be described as anything but a tragedy. Just as like any other day, on the 7th of January at 12:30PM, Adam was on his way to play soccer with all his friends. He was walking with one of his closest friends to the train station when he was struck by a car without warning. The car had veered out of traffic, mounted the sidewalk and collided directly with Adam, hurling him twenty metres away. After countless attempts to stabilise Adam on the scene of the accident, paramedics rushed Adam to Liverpool hospital for emergency surgery. He had sustained an array of grievous head injuries, several broken bones and uncontrollable internal bleeding.

Testament to his strength, and despite the many doubts expressed by the surgeons, he was able to continue fighting for thirty-seven hours until his life on this Earth would come to an end and his life in eternal paradise surely began. Adam was surrounded by his dearest loved ones until the moment he passed, receiving countless prayers from the swarms of people at the hospital gates who arrived from across the city to support his family and mourn his passing.

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At the wake of Adam’s passing, Amity College, Adam’s high school, opened its doors to his loved ones to mourn his passing. With the help of his closest friends and their parents, Amity College continues to extend its hand to all of those who were touched by his story, immediately volunteering to host the funeral ceremony and planning numerous charity initiatives in Adam’s name. Amity College has long facilitated an environment of friendship and prosperity for Adam and his friends, fuelling his creativity and nurturing his ambition for many years.

We thank Amity College, adams closest friends and their parents for their continued efforts to support Adam’s family and for bearing his mission to uplift all those who he loved.

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